As a very nervous patient, terrified of dentists I opted for sedation and haven't looked back since. I can honestly say I have overcome my fear of dentists. Derek (34)

For far too many years I'd avoided the dentist for the simple reason I had such pain from stress during dental procedures. Having the option of sedation hugely appealed to me, it was such an easy experience and has now totally changed my care for my teeth. No longer am I afraid, it was the best thing I ever did! Now...well, my teeth have never looked so good as finally I can care for them and without stress. Kathryn (39)

Last year my son Jonathan, who has a severe mental handicap was told he had to have his wisdom tooth out as it was very badly decayed.  Although he cannot communicate that he is in pain it was obvious to us by his behaviour that something was wrong. I brought him for a consultation and the dentist and team explained everything about Conscious Sedation in great detail to me.
It was the best thing I was ever recommended.  We agreed to go ahead and a week later with no fuss or anxiety on Jonathan's part the tooth was out.  The recovery time was only a few hours, he was quite groggy for a while, but he didn't even go to bed to sleep it off, plus he had some soft food that evening.
He has been back a second time to have some fillings and his teeth cleaned, also done under Conscious Sedation. 
I would have no hesitation in recommending this method to other parents for their handicapped sons or daughters, or indeed to anyone who has a fear of the dentist.
Christine, Mum of Jonathan (30)